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Where can one find these and more?

The Tower of Greed....where all desires can be attained, through strength and luck

Hi, I'm Jacob Kasparian and I am here to guide you to this, the darkest corner of the abyss

In this 1 v 1 game players are meant to pit the towers ruler against the ascender, encounter potential allies, foes, and those who hide their true nature as you ascend,

make your way through hordes of goblins, slimes, mimics and more, all devious creatures enlisted in the name of the towers absolute ruler.

Take the gamble and attempt to tame fortune, always act on your opportunistic nature, but be wary of those like minded individuals who stand to gain from your demise

above all else, be strong enough to ascend...The Tower Of Greed….claim what is yours….

…through strength and luck, but mostly luck

Your Victory Awaits…Better Start Climbing

Thank you.